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Kim Quach
Children are born to learn. With the right care and cherishment, we can provide them a strong and creative environment that ensures positive academic, physical, and social growth.
Throughout of the years that I was working with children, I have dedicated my time to:
•    Prioritized children's health and safety
•    Presented special stories with props for children’s interactions and exploration
•    Sensitive to each child’s unique developmental growth and
•    self-esteem by providing a variety of ways for him/her to learn
•    Kindly communicated with culturally diverse families, always focused on seeking to understand their children
•    Very effective with separation anxiety, especially non-English speaking children and their families
•    Expertise as an Artist
•    Helped organize preschool special events; provided theme-related banners and props
Experience I was a teacher at the City of Milpitas Preschool from 1998 to 2007, taught for a year at the Crossing at Montague Preschool, and have been teaching here at the Milpitas Discoveryland ever since.
Education •    Mission College – Early Child Development
•    De Anza College – Child Development
•    Ohlone College – Practicum in Child Development
•    Workshops – Attended many Early Childhood Trainings covering all
aspects of classroom learning and behavior guidance by program
director and outside educators.
Personal Life We have two children and a dog. We also have a big extended family in both north and south CA whom we love to visit during holiday time. We enjoy traveling, music, gardening and camping whenever we have a chance.

Contact:     (408) 263-7626
1991 Landess Ave • Milpitas, CA 95035-7071 • 408-263-7626